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Vehicle Maintenance

5. Thumbnail Secret Agent.jpg

This adventure brings you into the Secret Agent movie series and makes it all a reality. You will be trained to become a secret agent and learn world skill sets that only these agent possess.

1. Thumbnail Bodyguard.jpg

If you ever wondered if you have what it takes to provide the highest level of personal protection a VIP, then The Bodyguard Adventure is for you!

8. Thumbnail The Smiths.jpg

Specially designed for couples who just wanna have fun… killing each other!! (just kidding). You both will learn unbelievable, REAL skills your can use everyday.

Tires Fix & Replacements

10. Thumbnail Transporter.jpg

Do you like the Transporter movie series? Do you want to feel like a hero? This unique adventure brings together the exciting world of tactical driving, shooting, defensive tactics and weapon manipulation.

3. Thumbnail SAS.jpg

From hostage rescue to securing a location, you will learn a great number of skills you will never forget.

11. Thumbnail SWAT.jpg

Want to learn what it feels like to be a member of an elite SWAT team? Participating in this adventure truly makes you feel like you are a Hi-Def video game that you will never forget.

Oil & Break Checks

7. Thumbnail Spy Girl.jpg

Dream about decoding spy transmissions, and being the ONE who saves everyone from the evils that are present at every turn?

2. Thumbnail Femme Fatalee.jpg

This adventure is for women who want to experience the ultimate fantasy of being a femme fatale. This adventure doesn't disappoint!


The Vegas Tactical Adventures team has many years of experience coordinating and presenting some of the most rewarding experiences possible for team building.

All Shooting in the above Adventures is done using Airsoft. 

Live fire may be incorporated into the Corporate and Special Events Adventures, based on request. 

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