If you ever wondered if you have what it takes to provide the highest level of personal protection to a foreign dignitary, or a Fortune 500 Executive traveling in far-away places, or perhaps a Royal Princess as she visits another country, then The Bodyguard Adventure is for you!


You will learn and engage in a variety of tactical maneuvers, tactical shooting, and all the elements required of you as a VIP protector of the highest order. Experience real world scenarios as they develop and defend your important person against every conceivable attack.


Saving the life of your VIP becomes second nature by the end of this incredible adventure! You'll learn:

Tactical simulated shooting and weapon draw - Covering the VIP, Movement with the VIP - Defensive tactics against physical attacks, against knife and gun attacks - Force on Force bodyguard shooting exercises



$645 Each person!
Includes FREE Transportation from Strip Hotels, T-Shirt, Certificate!




  • FULL Day Adventure

  • Please wear Exercise/Active style clothing ans shoes

  • This is ONE Vegas Activity you will Rave about!





  • Private Experience For One or Two People: $1,595 per person

  • One Person: $799 per person, paired in a group of others

  • 4 to 6 people in a group together: $645 per person

  • Group of 8 to 12: $575 per person

  • Groups larger than 12: CALL FOR PRICING!

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  • Executive Bodyguard

  • SAS Operator


  • SWAT Team Member

  • Secret Agent

  • Spy Girl

  • The Smiths

  • Transported

  • Custom Adventure

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