Fight and Escape the kidnappers

Put Yourself to the Test!

This adventure opens a hidden door into the world of secret government agents that perform life-threatening, high-risk operations, which may lead to torture or even death, if captured.

In this adventure, you will learn how to escape from being bound by a rope, duct tape, zip ties, handcuffs 
During the adventure, you’ll be “kidnapped” and need to demonstrate the techniques you’ve learned.  You’ll have to apply the unique fighting skills that we’ve taught you.

This adventure is not for the faint of heart. If you want to know if you have what it take to be a high-risk undercover agent, this is your chance.

In this adventure, you’ll experience:

Escaping from being bound - Escaping a mock kidnapping - Escaping from the "Bad Guys" - Mock execution scenario - High stress drills



$260 Each person



3.5 Hour Adventure

Please wear Exercise/Active style clothing and shoes


Private Experience for Two People: $325 per person

Group of 3:  $300 per person

Group of 4 to 5: $260 per person

Group of 6 to 7:  $230 per person

Group of 8: $220 per person

Group of 9 to 12: $200 per person

Groups larger than 12: Call for pricing


Want to add on something

cool? How about some knife fighting?

Time of Adventure: Up to 6 hours total
Please note: may run 30 minutes over depending on group size.

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