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You'll Learn A Particular Set of Skills...... 

Have you watched the movie Taken© and wondered what you would do if you were the character played by Liam Neeson?  
Well….now, you can find out.

In our exclusive, The Real Taken adventure, you’ll be immersed in an emotional and physical roller coaster. First, you’ll meet a representative from VTA at your home or hotel, where you will be briefed on what to expect. 

And, this next part is very important...... They're going to take you.

You'll be driven to an undisclosed location where you will experience a mock kidnapping.  This is when your heart starts to race, and the adventure begins. You’ll then be brought to our facility where you will feel and experience what it would be like to be kidnapped, for real.

Once this portion of your experience is over, you will undergo a training segment that will train you how to become a human weapon.
In the last segment of your experience, you’ll have to perform adrenaline pumping, multiphase rescue drills - like in the real Taken movies.

If all this sounds a little too scary – don’t worry! You’ll be in charge the whole time!  You can bail out at any phase of the adventure.
This unique and exclusive experience will open a secret door into the world of Special Forces that conduct clandestine operations and rescue missions.  Our trainers have been instructing these same operators through our counter terrorism training school since 2000.

And, from them, you will learn a particular set of skills.......

Below is a list of some of the skills that you will acquire while participating in our Real Taken experience adventure:




Israeli Point Shooting**
Throw knives
Drive while handcuffed behind your back

Escape from being bound
Maintain calm and function under fire during a force on force drill

Take a step out of your comfort zone and have the experience of a lifetime.


Good Luck.......

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5 Hour Adventures

Please wear Exercise/Active style clothing and shoes

Look for Us... Find Us.... & Do Something Amazing!




$650 per person*

Please note: may run 30 minutes over depending on group size.

**All shooting for this adventure will be with AirSoft

*A minimum of two participants is required for this rate.  Discounts are available for larger groups.

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