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You're Deep Behind Enemy Lines.... Will You Survive?

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knife disarming

Our FAUDA Adventure, is based on the high rated and successful Israeli television series about real Israeli counter terrorism units performing clandestine operations deep into enemy territory. You’ll learn real world secret rescue operations and other unique

skills that we cannot fully list.

This adventure has three phases:
Phase 1: Briefing 
Phase 2: Preparation for the mission
Phase 3:  Execution of the mission that you and your team/family must complete.
Some of the missions that you will be performing will be exactly like you’ve seen on the television series.  However, you’ll be

trained by an Israeli Counter Terrorism School located here in Las Vegas.

Following is a partial list of the missions: 


Rapid Arrest
Abduction using a van
“Take out” the Terrorists
Detect Enemy Sniper

Perform high threat intelligence

gathering and much more



This adventure will open a secret door for you into the fascinating world of Israeli Secret Agent units and their incredible daily operations.

This experience was created by a former Israeli Special Forces unit member that was directly involved in these kinds of operations in Israel. You’re getting the REAL THING!
What you’ll learn during this adventure is very secretive so…
Find out if you are eligible to participate in this one-of-a-kind adventure experience.
Contact us today and have one of the best, and fun, experiences of your life!



7 Hour Adventures

Please wear Exercise/Active style clothing and shoes


$799 per person*

Please note: may run 30 minutes over depending on group size.

All shooting for this adventure will be with AirSoft

*A minimum of three participants is required for this rate.  Discounts are available for larger groups.

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Don't have 7 hours? Try our Real Taken Adventure. 

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