Do you like the Transporter movie series? Do you want to feel like the hero? This unique adventure brings together the exciting world of tactical driving, shooting, defensive tactics and weapon manipulation.





Here is what you learn in this heart pounding adventure:

Tactical driving - Slalom driving - 90° and 180° turns - Under pressure reverse driving - Driving while handcuffed behind your back - Tactical simulative shooting - Force on force shooting - Weapon disarmament - Knife throwing




Choose what works for you:
Private Adventure for One: $2,995
One Person, paired with another group: $1699
Adventure for Two: $3,190 ($1,595 each)
4 to 6 people: $1,550 each
8 to 11 people: $1,475 each
12 to 19 people: $1,300 each
20 to 30 people: $1,200 each



All Vegas Tactical Adventures Include FREE Transportation From The Las Vegas Strip!