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Sh*t Hits the Fan: 

Typical Vegas WeekenD (Minus the Alcohol)

This adventure brings you into the Secret Agent movie series and makes it a reality. You will be trained to become a secret government agent and learn real world skill sets that only these agents possess.









Below is what you'll do during this adventure:

Knife throwing - Tactical shooting* 

Weapon disarmament - Escaping from captivity 

Personal protection - Driving while handcuffed behind your back

After learning this unique set of skills, you will have to complete an extensive, heart pounding final exercise where you will be put to

the test on everything that you have learned.


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HALF Day Adventure

Please wear Exercise/Active style clothing and closed toed shoes


$225 per person

Time of Adventure: Up to 4 hours total
Please note: may run 30 minutes over depending on group size.

*All shooting for this adventure will be with AirSoft*

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