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2024 Summer DAY Camp

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Week 1: Anti-bullying techniques, hand/leg strikes and front kicks, full combative routines

Week 2: Releasing from grabs and holds, headlocks, Full Nelson/bear hugs

Week 3: Ground defense and strangulation, front/rear pushes

Week 4: Improvised weapon defense, defense against multiple attackers

Week 5: Knife/Handgun attack defense, counter kidnapping

Week 6*: Counter kidnapping, escaping from rope and duct tape, takedowns 

10% Discount Applied for Entire Camp!

Each week of camp is unique and progressively builds your child's skill level. Ideally, we recommend that they attend the entire 6 weeks of camp since each week is an important building block in preparing your child to handle multiple situations in the best and safest way.  Each Friday, we test your child on all of the topics that they've learned during the week. 

We also offer a 10% discount if you sign them up for the whole 6-weeks!

*Your child must attend at least three weeks of camp in order to sign up for the final week.


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Young Lions of Judah..

Where they come in like lambs, but leave as lions!

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Young Lions
of Judah

Summer Camp

2024 Summer Camp

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Camp will be held at CRI/VTA's location:

1721 Stocker Street

North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

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