Starting from $595 per person


This adventure is for women who want to experience the ultimate fantasy of being a femme fatale. This unique adventure is going to allow you to step into the life of a mysterious and powerful femme fatale. In this adventure, you will learn to prevent harm toward other people, as well as save hostages and victims.

"On her first visit to Vegas, the Femme Fatale Adventure was a "Must Do" activity,
and WOW was she glad she did!"

This adventure is an accelerated physical, mental and emotional experience.

    You will need to eliminate bad guys, and escape

    We're going to teach you a set of phenomenal special skills:

    You will shoot a simulated scope rifle and eliminate targets under time pressure

    You will learn how to throw knives

    You will shoot a crossbow

    You are going to learn how to shoot a simulated handgun and submachine gun

    You learn how to disarm knives , handgun and protect yourself empty-handed

    You will jump from a moving vehicle

    We are going to teach you to become an escape artist, release from ropes and duct tape

    You will learn stealth tactics

    We will teach you how to take down guards

    We will teach you how to overcome alarm systems and motion sensors

And much more!

If you make the decision to do something special for yourself, to do something that you see only in the movies, then this is the adventure for you.

Female clients that have received this type of training have described their experience with the

adventure as empowered, educated and excited.

This adventure is for women only!

Welcome to the circle of trust, live your dreams

Choose what works for you:
Private Adventure for One: $1,495
One Person, paired with another group: $899
Adventure for Two: $1,750 ($875 each)
4 to 6 people: $745 each
8 to 12 people: $595 each
Groups larger than 12: Call Us for the best price!

Time of Adventure: Up to 4 to 4.5 hours total
Please note: may run 30 minutes over depending on group size.

All Vegas Tactical Adventures Include FREE Transportation From The Las Vegas Strip!

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*Based on Group of 4 or more. Discounts available for groups larger than 8.

All Adventures are conducted by the same professional instructors who teach the world's elite Special Forces around the globe. You are learning from the very best!